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The HIVE is building a flourishing directory of local practitioners and organizing platform for transformational & holistic health practitioners of all types.  

Wellness, healing, self & community care are more relevant than ever and we want to make sure local resources and healers are easy to find, are supported with global love and are a part of the collective movement towards vitality, choice and shared evolution.

Hive Core Values


The essence of vitality underlies all of life.  Deep healing and innate health arise with astute presence.
Competence and Intuition

Transformation and healing often emerge at the intersection of well trained competence and cultivated intuition.

Honoring and Healing the Past

Trauma is a multi-dimensional collection of symptoms stemming from fear or terror which is unprocessed due to lack of support, resources, witness, time, love and/or consciousness. 

Post-traumatic symptoms affect and take seen and unseen toll on mind, body and spirit. 

Historical and intergenerational trauma are cumulative emotional and psycho-somatic wounding, extending over an individual lifespan and across generations, caused by traumatic experiences in the past.   

As holistic health care providers, a trauma-informed lens enables application of care closer to the roots of symptoms and increases chances of deeper resolution.

Abundance and Access

Access to holistic heath care for people at all economic levels is paramount to planetary healing and transformation.  The Hive encourages members to offer services for diverse income levels while cultivating balanced abundance.

Creating Safer Spaces

Sense and experience of safety is paramount to support health and healing.  

Offering a safe, supportive and judgement-free space and consciousness for all people requires ongoing curiosity and effort to undo cultural conditioning regarding racism, xenophobia, islamaphobia, homo/transphobia, sexism, adultism, classism and more.  

Personal healing from impacts of prejudice/injustice/oppression increases compassion and understanding of a wide range of client identities and experiences. 

Indigenous Wisdom and Earth Medicine

"Traditional and Indigenous Medicine” refers to the earth centered healing systems that have been used by various countries and ethnic populations for thousands of years, before the arrival of modern medicine.  

These practices developed out of the specific nature of the culture, history, philosophy and availability of natural resources in different regions of the world

The World Health Organization estimates that between 65% and 85% of the world’s population relies on traditional medicine as their primary form of health care.

We value and acknowledge Traditional and Indigenous Medicine as the roots of most holistic health care modalities 

Self-care and Sustenance

How we take care of ourselves matters.  Vital sustenance and rigorous care of self translates directly into our work, livelihood and inner peace.

Thinking Outside the Box

Imagining a shared and equitable future inspires the development new healing methods, ways of seeing and new ways being.  This in turn creates a new world.

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