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About the Hive

Launching January 2017, Hive is an online directory of holistic health practitioners.

The Hive is envisioned by Sage Hayes who is a community builder, healer, social justice activist and lover of love.  

The Hive is reimagining holistic health care through a lens of liberation, empowerment and transformation. The Hive offers an affordable online directory of local holistic health resources for communities. 

Transformational holistic health intersects healing, justice, love and social change for the evolution and liberation of the collective mind, body, and spirit.

The intention of the Hive Directory is to organize a powerful and coherent platform for communities to find healers, wellness organizations and practitioners.  

The Hive promotes:

  • Building healthier communities by increasing access to holistic health care and healing 
  • Strengthening local holistic health care leadership and referral networks
  • Planetary healing through increasing access to trauma-informed holistic care 
  • Creating and offering economically accessible healing and services
  • Small business empowerment
  • Undoing oppression within healing arts

   Why the 'HIVE'?

We have bees to thank for every one in three bites of food we eat.  

The Hive is dedicated inspired by and dedicated to the bees.   The Hive takes inspiration from the brilliance of the bees, the 'hive mind' mentality and the incredible infrastructure of bee communities and their beehives.  For the first time ever bees are listed as an endangered species.  Some proceeds from the Hive will go to supporting the vital survival of the bees.

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